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About VCON
Pit Type Vertical Coil Winding Machine
Thanks to our passion in design and development for engineering solutions, today, V-Con is engaged in design, development and manufacturing solutions for transformer industry.
V-Con has moved to new added facility at plant, located near to Vadodara. With close associate and support, Vcon enjoys the full facility related to design, manufacturing, testing, installation and commissioning
The manufacturing program includes…
Vertical Coil Winding machine- pit type
Vertical coil Winding machine- Above floor type
Horizontal coil Winding machine
Winding Mandrels / Formers
Wire De-reeler/ Wire Un-winders
Wire Tensioner/Brake system
Working platforms
Coil Pressing Device
Coil Transportation Gripper/ Cross
Coil Tilting units
Coil Transportation trolley
Insulation products
Telephone : +91-265-2280377
Mobile: 99986-09686
Fax : +91-265-2280377

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